LEVEL 2: Cacao Facilitator Training

3 Month Overview | Modules 1-9

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  • Develop your intuitive connection with Cacao as medicine for yourself & others
  • Find your gold through shadow work & integration
  • Work with your dreams as a shamanic tool for insight
  • Unleash your heart song and access your invocation
  • Undergoing a dieta to develop your spiritual relationship with Cacao
  • Work with ceremony ethics to remain in integrity with the medicine
  • Explore different archetypes, & your inner Divine Feminine & Masculine
  • Learn about ceremony & how to create & hold space

Module 5 – Ether

Holding Self to Hold Other
Story of the Goddess of Chocolate (IxCacao)
Home Practice

EXTRAS: Mantra and Meditations 


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Module 6 – Light

Voice and Song
Shamanism, Shadow and Dreams
Home Practice

EXTRA: Shadow Links and Dream Manual

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Module 7 – Integrating Ceremony

Planning a Ceremony
Cacao Plant Medicine Dieta
Home Practice

EXTRA: Medicine Songs

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Module 8 – Integrating your Gold

Ethics in Ceremony
Fear and Grounding
Home Practice

EXTRA: The Divine Feminine

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Module 9 – Closing the Circle

Rite of Passage
The Four Agreements

EXTRA: Guided Relaxation

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