Cacao & Astrology Immersion

7-days with the Ruling Planets, Star Signs & Ceremonial Cacao
Including the Sacred Elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Ether 

Each day we sit with Sacred Cacao to connect to our hearts, to listen, and to connect the energies around us and within.

We focus on the day’s ruling planet and associated zodiac sign to guide us on this journey with Cacao, and the energy of a specific element (earth, fire, water, air, ether) to connect the celestial bodies into our earthly embodiment. You can expect:

  • Cacao ritual + intentions to open the day
  • Daily transmission + information on the ruling energies
  • Element focus to align the above and the below
  • Daily fun Cacao recipe

What you will need:

  • Candle and incense (optional offerings of flowers, herbs, crystals, shells, anything else you already work with)
  • Quiet and peaceful space where you won’t be disturbed – make this beautiful and sacred for yourself
  • Laptop / mobile with the Zoom app installed (and updated if you haven’t used it in a while)
  • Prepared Cacao: watch this video for the slow-brew method, an intentional and mindful method used for ritual and ceremony
  • We will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for ritual during this Cacao and Astrology self-paced journey

    Need Ceremonial-grade Cacao? Click here to order

Here is what others have to say about our Cacao & Astrology Immersion:


I didn't really know what to expect but Mama Cacao snuck into my day and filled me in ways I didn't expect, she warmed me from inside and I felt a steady glow that turned into slow embers as the week progressed. Your week long emersion gifted me 30 minutes a day where the world could fall away and my senses could be soothed by your calming spirit and all the goodness that cacao has to offer. Your prayer song has been lingering in my heart space ever since and I have felt grounded and surrounded by deep love all week. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your medicine in a way that was informative and accessible
Ewalda Bouwer
Cacao brought me “home” during this immersion by connecting me deeply to the here and now. I enjoyed myself so much singing and whispering my prayers and intentions into the cacao, pouring all of my love into the cup. It has been such a beautiful and transformative experience. I am feeling more embodied and my heart is open, light and full. Thank you Fran for holding the lovely space and for sharing all your wisdom (and beautiful voice). I am VERY excited and grateful to dive deeper with Mama Cacao, and have signed up for the 6 week Cacao Practitioner Training to learn more.
Letitia de Jongh
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