LEVEL 1 Cacao Practitioner Training

LEVEL 2 Cacao Facilitator Training

LEVEL 3 Cacao Apprenticeship

Private Mentoring


Cacao Practitioner 

6 Weeks – Overview

An Introduction to Cacao as a Heart Medicine | The Magic of Ceremonial-Grade Cacao for Health & Healing

This course is for your personal use, to understand more & to develop a deeper connection with Cacao

Including 2 online ceremonies for opening and closing your training over the New Moon

  • This training is open to anyone wanting to learn more about Cacao, as well as the health & healing benefits
  • Learn about the history & cultural context of the Cacao plant
  • Explore the physical properties of this superfood, raw Cacao
  • Work with the energetic & healing properties of ceremonial Cacao
  • Understand how to work with cacao as a medicine on the physical & metaphysical levels
  • Start working with the power of ritual & intention
  • Learn practical ways to set up your space & prepare ceremonial Cacao
  • Practice using Cacao for your home ceremony

LEVEL 2 (includes Level 1)

Facilitator Training

3 Months – Overview

Holding Space for Yourself | Personal Transformation | Holding Space for Cacao Ceremonies & Groups

Learn how to use Cacao for facilitating groups and the elements making up ceremonies

Including 3 online ceremonies over the New Moon (opening, mid-way, initiations & closing)

  • Develop your intuitive connection with Cacao as a medicine for yourself & for others
  • Find your gold through shadow work & shadow integration
  • Work with your dreams as a shamanic tool for insight
  • Unleash your heart song and access your invocation
  • Explore different archetypes & work with your inner Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine
  • Undergoing a dieta to develop a spiritual relationship with the heart medicine
  • Work through ceremony ethics to remain in integrity with the medicine
  • Learn about ceremony & how to create & hold space


Apprenticeship Private Immersion

2 Months – Overview

Private 1:1 online mentorship sessions, home-rituals & self-practice, tailored to facilitate your deepening of working with the medicine

During a private Apprenticeship Training (6 weeks minimum committment) you will fine-tune previous skills AND to deep dive further with Cacao

Previous graduates & new apprentices welcome

  • Open to anyone wishing to commit to a standalone Apprenticeship 6-week immersion
  • Open to previous Cape Cacao graduates wishing to receive their Level 3 Certification (prerequisite Level 1 Practitioner Training & Level 2 Facilitator Training)
  • Refine your understanding of how to work skillfully with Cacao by going deeper within
  • Develop & fine-tune your skills as a practitioner, facilitator, and Cacao alchemist
  • Acquire a diversity of shamanic, mystic & practical tools
  • Supported Dieta, developing a spiritual relationship with Cacao


Fran Siebrits, Cacao Alchemist & founder of Cape Cacao, brings forth a wealth of knowledge for how we can use ceremony & ritual to live in harmony with our true nature.

She brings her life work into this training, providing a unique opportunity to immerse in the fields of shamanism, mysticism, herbalism, feminine ritual, energy work & space holding for healing.

Fran can assist you to find your inner teacher & healer through the use of ceremony, ritual & shamanic tools.

Her facilitation is down-to earth & practical, encouraging you to experience an embodied heart awakening journey to support you in trusting yourself, feeling more confident in your self expression & able to speak your truth.


Private online sessions are tailored to your needs.

These will assist you in deepening your connection with Cacao.

Step 1: Purchase a session or package of sessions

Step 2: Schedule your appointment via our booking platform

Step 3: Wait to receive your confirmation & link to your online session


  • This is special ceremonial-grade cacao is a whole organic superfood
  • Ethically sourced beans from certified organic family farms in Bali – the land & crops are prayed over daily
  • Traditional harvesting methods – beans are treated with love & respect
  • Balinese blessing ceremonies are held at different stages of the planting, growing, harvesting & packaging
  • Delicious & creamy flavour with a potent energy – reflective of the vibration & love of the people & land where it is grown
  • Careful & intentional handling from tree to cup
  • FREE DELIVERY Nationwide in South Africa
  • During your training you receive 10% on Ceremonial-grade Cacao