About Cape Cacao

Through sharing the wisdom of Cacao, we assist in reconnecting hearts, community, environment & spirit. 

We have been offering nature connection experiences through ritual, ceremony and Cacao for many years, with our humble roots originally being Cape Town, South Africa. 

But our story is more than just the Cape, and is largely infused with the cultural-spiritual diversity which inspires our founder, Fran Siebrits – she has travelled all over the globe, learning from different teachers across many traditions, and she weaves a tapestry of inter-connectedness in Cape Cacao.

Alongside paying homage to our African ancestry and the Mesoamerican origins and wisdom-keepers of Cacao, we have formed a deep spiritual connection with the land, people and culture of Bali, Indonesia.

Over time these relationships deepened, and we started bringing Ceremonial-grade Cacao from a cooperative of small-scale family farms in Bali to Africa.

We still support the same cooperative today, and take an annual pilgrimage to the Cacao farms in the Jembrana region of Western Bali to reconnect with the beautiful energy of the Cacao trees, the surrounding jungle, the culture, the farmers, and the community spirit.


cape cacao
Large Molinillo from Mexico

With the growing interest in Cacao, we started offering our signature online Cacao Training to assist individuals wanting to learn how to work with Cacao for themselves as well as those wanting to hold ceremonies or incorporate Cacao into other holistic modalities.

As our online family grew, our ceremonies started being offered virtually, and today we hold in-person and virtual ceremonies… Cape Town and surrounds, on retreats all over South Africa and in Bali, and also online to serve our global Cacao Family.

Our Cape Cacao mama and founder, Fran, the heart of our offerings. Through her work as a Cacao Alchemist, Wellness Expert, Holistic Personal Growth Mentor and Medicine Woman, she assists others in reconnecting to their hearts, to the heart of others, and to the heart of Mother Nature. She offers a wealth of knowledge for how we can use Cacao, ceremony and ritual to live in harmony with our true nature and the world around us (read more about her below).

It is with continued reverence and gratitude that we support this heart medicine connection, assisting the Spirit of Cacao to meet as many people as possible so that we may remember our place here on Earth.

We look forward to being of service to you, your heart and your community. 

From the heart, 
Your Cape Cacao Family

Meet our Founder

Born and raised in rural South Africa, with ancestry from all around the globe and an adventurous spirit, Fran Siebrits has been bridging cultures and environments her entire life. 

Along with her deep connection to Nature, she is a Cacao Alchemist, Wellness Expert, Holistic Personal Growth Mentor and Medicine Woman. As the face of Cape CacaoFran works alongside Spirit of Cacao, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge for how we can use Cacao, ceremony and ritual to live in harmony with our true nature and the world around us.

Fran brings her life work into all our offerings, providing a unique opportunity to immerse in the fields of animism, shamanism, mysticism, herbalism, ritual, energy work and space holding for healing.

Her travels have taken her across the globe where she has trained in a variety of healing arts with different teachers from an array of traditions. In honouring the Spirit of Cacao with regular solo “dieta” retreats, she remains connected with the sacred wisdom of the heart which she shares alongside her other knowledge. 

Fran continues to explore and understand the historical ways of Cacao and ancient cultures who used Cacao. She has continued to expand her appreciation for these sacred ways. Some of her recent mentorships include a 12-month journey with the Mayan Wisdom Project, an ongoing apprenticeship with the wisdom keepers of the Animate Earth Collective, limpias with Sol Garzon (Medicine Woman in Ecuador) deepening her relationship with ritual medicinal plants, and Pablo Castro Hernandez from Mexico (Medicine Man and Archaeologist of Mayan Culture and Cacao) who’s mission is to “awaken the human spirit through ancestral wisdom, learning from the Mayan past to make our present flourish“.

Cape Cacao

At Cape Cacao she is passionate about empowering wisdom seekers and keepers through ceremonies and retreats, our courses, as well as 1:1 mentoring.

Fran can assist you to find your inner teacher and healer through the use of ceremony, ritual, Cacao and shamanic tools.

Her personality, space holding and facilitation style is down-to earth and practical, encouraging you to experience an embodied heart awakening journey to support you in trusting yourself, feeling more confident in your self-expression and able to speak your truth.

How it all began

The Spirit of Cacao first whispered to Fran in 2009 when she met the Apus (spirit of the sacred mountains) while travelling in South America. It was only many years later that this whispering grew into a voice that lovingly called to her.

The more Fran started working with Cacao, inviting her in and really listening to her wisdom, the more her inner world changed from one of separation and lack to true connectedness and abundance. 

Fran already had many spiritual practices, rituals and a strong connection with Nature, but as Mama Cacao made her way in, Fran’s work with Cacao started coming to the forefront of her spirituality.

Like with many others, Fran’s lessons with Mama Cacao were learnt in the cycles of hardship, suffering, heart-break, depression, loss and grief…

Over a relatively short amount of time, her life came crumbling down around her. The more she resisted, the stronger the forces of change were. Physical sickness, mental illness, energetic crisis… it all happened at once. Fran realised that everything she knew to be real was based on an illusion of safety, and as this realisation hit, her world began to fall apart.

And so she surrendered. Over a period of six Moon Cycles, Fran went into self-isolation in dieta with the Spirit of Cacao. And when she experienced what some traditions call “ego-death”, the most profound connection with Spirit was gifted to her. It was also during this time of dieta with Mama Cacao that Fran received the direct transmission from Spirit of Cacao for putting together what is now our signature Cacao Training offered through Cape Cacao.

Fran’s six months of dieta were like those of a caterpillar in a cocoon. She overcame chronic years of self-loathing, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and many destructive and self-punishing habits. Coming out of this cocoon of deep process work was like rebirthing. Fran now lives each day with an attitude of “radical self-love”, as she is often quoted.

Since then, Fran has been a conduit for the Spirit of the Heart, and has shared Cacao to hold space for anyone ready to start reconnecting to their own heart, to the hearts of others, and to the heart of Nature. The practice of living from the heart every day is the work of a Spiritual Warrior.

Fran is a living example of how this inner work and reconnection is made possible through the support of Cacao, through self-compassion, kindness, forgiveness and acceptance. Fran is passionate about empowering wisdom seekers and keepers through ceremonies, retreats, our courses, and 1:1 mentoring.

Her personality, space-holding and facilitation style is down-to-earth and practical, encouraging others to experience an embodied heart awakening in support of self-trust, self-expression, and being able to speak one’s own truth.

Here at Cape Cacao, we are so grateful for her daily example of heart-leadership and the safe space she holds for our community to explore their inner-landscape, heal, expand and connect.

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