Cacao and Kirtan Chanting

Cape Town, South Africa

JOIN BHAKTI YOGINIS, SOUND HEALERS AND CACAO CEREMONIALISTS Fran (founder of Cape Cacao) + Chareldi (founder of Charledi Studio). You are warmly invited to share a cosy afternoon with us in devotion to all of creation. Be part of this love vibration as we open our hearts with Cacao and raise our vibration with sound!

Nature Cacao Ceremony

Cape Town, South Africa

Join this final NATURE CACAO CEREMONY of 2023, facilitated by Fran Siebrits, founder of Cape Cacao, designed to bring you back into harmony with your true nature and Mother Earth.

Solstice Cacao Ceremony + Picnic

Cape Town, South Africa

Join Cacao Alchemists Fran (Cape Cacao) and Kelly (InLighten Healing) in Wynberg, Cape Town, as they co-facilitate this Sacred Ceremony with Cacao and polar energies of shadow-light, water-fire, ying-yang to assist bringing harmony as we have just passed through the Equinox portal.

Full Moon Nature Cacao Ceremony

Cape Town, South Africa

As the fullness of Grandmother Moon shines her light on the shadow, we invite you to immersive yourself in Nature with our founder, Fran Siebrits, to set intentions for the year ahead and align you with your true nature in connection with Mother Earth.

Cacao Training [Immersion Begins]


Cacao Course & Facilitator Training: Level 1: Practitioner Training (6 weeks), Level 1 & 2: Facilitator Training (3 months). Starting with an Orientation Week followed by a New Moon Cacao Ceremony (online).

6-Day Cacao Immersion in Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Join Fran Siebrits for an immersive 6 days in BALI, land of the gods, enjoying CACAO, food of the gods. Ceremony, learning, farm visit, chocolate tour, circles, community, nature, culture, joy, healing…

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