Cacao Connection – Ceremonial Workshop

Cape Town, South Africa

Join Cacao Ceremonialist Fran Siebrits (founder of Cape Cacao) in this immersive ceremonial cacao workshop - learning about and making ceremonial cacao for drinking rituals and understanding the power of creating sacred space for the work with cacao.

6-Day Cacao Immersion in Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Join Fran Siebrits for an immersive 6 days in BALI, land of the gods, enjoying CACAO, food of the gods. Ceremony, learning, farm visit, chocolate tour, circles, community, nature, culture, joy, healing…

Full Moon Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Ananda Sanctuary, Woodstock, Cape Town

You are warmly invited to share in the raw chocolate medicine of Ceremonial-grade Cacao in this Sacred Ceremony, with Cacao Alchemist Fran Siebrits (founder of Cape Cacao) as she facilitates Cacao Ritual Drinking, Breathwork, Meditation and Sound for Healing, Connection and Gratitude.

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