Immerse Yourself in a Beautiful Weekend of Cacao

Cacao is a heart medicine, and has been traditionally used to
facilitate healing & transformation for centuries.

Join Fran Siebrits, experienced facilitator, Cacao Alchemist & founder of Cape Cacao, for an unforgettable experience as we journey through the physical and spiritual realms with Cacao, food of the gods.

You are invited to come & open your heart!


Fran Siebrits, Cacao Alchemist & founder of Cape Cacao, brings forth a wealth of knowledge
for how we can use ceremony & ritual to live in harmony with our true nature.

She brings her life work into this training, providing a unique opportunity to immerse in the fields of shamanism, mysticism, herbalism, feminine ritual, energy work & space holding for healing.

Fran can assist you to find your inner teacher & healer through the use of
ceremony, ritual & shamanic tools.

Her facilitation is down-to earth & practical, encouraging you to experience an
embodied heart awakening journey to support you in trusting yourself,
feeling more confident in your self expression & able to speak your truth.