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Cape Town, South Africa
Fran Siebrits
lifetime affiliate & founder
Harare, Zimbabwe
Chelsea Maloney
+263 782616913
affiliate since June'23
Christchurch, New Zealand
Megan Scheepers
+64 272477448
affiliate since December'23
Bloemfontein, South Africa
Ewalda Bouwer
+27 825585385
affiliate since June'24



We have created this Directory of Cacao Affiliate Partners to assist in your search for ceremonialists and facilitators in your area. 

Our aim is to create a directory of reputable cacao facilitators that is listed on our website and advertised via our social channels. The purpose of this directory is to enable our followers to find reputable Cacao facilitators nationwide and globally.


Cacao Partners are recognised Cacao Practitioners, Ceremonialists and Facilitators (meaning that they meet our standards of Cacao Practice). This “recognition” is important to respect the trust of our community of followers who turn to our directory because they trust Cape Cacao and want to work with practitioners who align with our values when working with Cacao.

To maintain this integrity, Cacao Partnership is offered to 1) select individuals who have completed our training, 2) other Cacao Practitioners including those who have not completed our training, provided that they are willing to complete an evaluation with Cape Cacao (to ensure that their practice aligns with the Cacao experience we promise our community / followers upon using the directory), 3) Cacao Facilitators who have worked alongside us for some time and who we deem to uphold the same standards, ethics and integrity as Cape Cacao.

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