Cacao Ritual Drink Preparation

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The slower manual method is a mindful and connected technique for preparing cacao for ritual and ceremony. Using the slow-brew method with minimal ingredients encourages us to take our time to be intentional and to connect to the spirit of cacao and our own hearts.

The faster blender method is a quick technique for an on-the-go nutritious superfood “hot chocolate”. Using electronic equipment and adding some extra ingredients is a fast way to prepare a nutritious and delicious on-the-go cacao drink.

Cacao is a plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures as a form of Shamanic Healing.

The Spirit of Cacao is often respectfully referred to as Mama Cacao, a heart medicine for all.

The call to ceremony

Listening to the call of my heart & whisper of my soul,

I find myself drawn to sit in Circle…

To be facilitated in Ceremony…

To partake in the medicine of Mama Cacao…

To open my Heart…

To invite more Compassion, Kindness & Love to my life.

This is my Calling, my Heart’s Yearning…

Through my own healing & expansion,

I can best Serve others, the natural world & Spirit.

Prepare your space

  1. Practically prepare a sacred space to work AND a sacred space to drink your Cacao
  2. Cleans yourself & the spaces
  3. Make offerings to the Cacao Spirit, & to other energies you work with
  4. Invoke the Cacao Spirit with your voice, your offerings & your heart
  5. Mindfully prepare your Cacao Ritual Drink
  6. Give thanks before moving to your sitting / meditation / Ceremony space
  7. You can perform new cleansing, offering & invocation rituals in your sacred sitting area once you are settled & ready for your drinking ritual
Cacao Ceremonies


  • Ceremonial-grade Cacao
    • 30g per person (ceremonial serving)
    • Or between 20-40g, depending on the person
  • Warm water (NOT boiling) for the Cacao & your double-boiler system
  • Natural sweetener of choice e.g. coconut sugar/nectar, honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt

Optional additions: Vanilla powder, Cayenne pepper, Maca powder, Mesquite powder

Cacao Ceremonies


  • Small pot with water in
  • Cup to put into the pot
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knife
  • Teaspoons for measuring & stirring
  • Kitchen scale for measuring (otherwise a guess-timation will do)


  1. Heat the water in the pot
  2. Put the cup into the pot so that it sits in the hot water (you will be able to control the heat within the cup this way)
  3. Finely chop the Cacao, put it into the cup along with about 200ml warm water, stir continuously
  4. Keep the water-cacao liquid inside the cup below 60 degrees Celsius
  5. Add pinch salt, cinnamon & sweetener (about 1tsp per cup, depending on taste preference)
  6. Keep stirring the whole time until the cacao has melted completely
  7. Add more warm water if it is too thick, keep stirring
  8. Set your intention while stirring
Cacao Ceremonies

Some useful tips

If you are not drinking your Cacao immediately (e.g. if you are still going to open your Ceremony & perform other chants / breathwork / cleansing / meditation / Shamanic practices) then pour it into a thermos flask to keep warm.

Bring the thermos & a clean cup to your Ceremony space so that you don’t have to interrupt the energy flow by getting up to get it when the time comes for the ritual Cacao drink.



Give yourself enough time to prepare – indulge in this…

Have at least an hour to prepare, you can always adjust as you journey through more preparations. This part is as important as sitting in Ceremony… and it can even form part of your home Ceremony.

Slowly & mindfully, take time to prepare your space & your ritual drink.

Make it beautiful: to make beauty is to make sacred!



Come gently

Come respectfully

Pay homage with offerings

And your intention will be heard by Spirit of Cacao

We use 100% Ceremonial-grade Cacao from Bali

  • This special Ceremonial-grade Cacao is a whole organic superfood, vegan and allergen-free
  • Ethically sourced beans from certified organic family farms in Bali – the land and crops are prayed over daily
  • Traditional harvesting methods – beans are treated with love and respect
  • Balinese blessing ceremonies are held at different stages of the planting, growing, harvesting and packaging
  • Delicious & creamy flavour with a potent energy – reflective of the vibration & love of the people and land where it is grown
  • Careful and intentional handling from tree to cup


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These will assist you in deepening your connection with Cacao.

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