LEVEL 1: Cacao Practitioner Training

6 Week Overview | Modules 1-4

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  • These 6 weeks are open to anyone wanting to learn more about Cacao, as well as the health & healing benefits
  • Learn about the history & cultural context of the Cacao plant
  • Explore the physical properties of this superfood, raw Cacao
  • Work with the energetic & healing properties of ceremonial Cacao
  • Understand how to work with cacao as a medicine on the physical & metaphysical levels
  • Start working with the power of ritual & intention
  • Learn practical ways to set up your space & prepare ceremonial Cacao
  • Practice using Cacao for your home ceremony

Module 1 – Earth

Setting a Good Foundation
Cacao Recipes
How To Prepare Your Cacao
Cacao Invocation
Home Practice

EXTRA: The Chocolate Therapist


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Module 2 – Fire

Cacao as a Superfood
Raw Chocolate & Raw Cacao
Physical Properties of Cacao
Cacao vs Coco
Home Practice

EXTRA: All About Beans



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Module 3 – Water

Enhancing Your Energy
Metaphysical Properties of Cacao
Energy Anatomy
Cacao Yin-Yang Recipes
Home Practice

EXTRA: Energy Practices 


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Module 4 – Air

History of Cacao
Voice and Sacred Space
Exploring a Home Ceremony
Ancient Mayan Cacao Recipe
Home Practice & Home Ceremony

EXTRAS: Meditation and Mantra

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