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Join Rachael (from North Devon, UK) and Fran (from Cape Town, South Africa) for an afternoon reconnecting to the wisdom within through embodied movement and sacred cacao ceremony.

YUG Wellness Center, Queens, New York
14:00-17:00 by donation


Meet your facilitators: Rachael Hall

As a Pilates, Franklin Method, Biomechanics and Universal Health Principles Educator, Rachael works with a deep purpose to empower individuals by guiding them to cultivate a deep mind-body connection, embrace their uniqueness, and find transformation through mindful, embodied movement practices.

She is the founder of Aligned and The Ultimate Pelvic Floor Plan. Having worked in the Pilates and movement world for 21 years, Rachael has supported 1,000’s of people to move out of physical and emotional pain by developing a profound and compassionate relationship with their body, their senses, their deep inner knowing and intuition, transforming how they feel, look and move.

Rachael will be your guide to experience to journey deep into the felt experience of your pelvis, your womb space and your core. Through gentle, nourishing and conscious movement you will be invited to drop deep into this sacred portal of creation. 

Meet your facilitators: Fran Siebrits

As the face of Cacao Fran works alongside the spirit of Cacao, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge for how we can use this plant medicine and ritual to live in harmony with our true nature and the world around us. 

Born and raised in rural South Africa, with ancestry from all around the globe and an adventurous spirit, Fran has been bridging cultures and environments her entire life. Along with her deep connection to Nature, she is a dedicated Cacao Alchemist, Wellness Expert, Holistic Personal Growth Mentor and Medicine Woman, with experience in the fields of animism, shamanism, mysticism, herbalism, ritual, energy work and space holding for healing. 

During this Cacao Ritual, Fran will share her passion, love and service to Cacao and Mother Earth. All are welcome to partake in this guided drinking ritual with ceremonial-grace Cacao, followed by an earth-based meditation for positive transformation, embodied change, and deep reconnection with our hearts and the natural world.


Please email us info@capecacao.com if you have any questions. 

Cape Cacao
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