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A day retreat to reconnect with your inner wisdom through the medicines of Cacao, Sound and Ceremony, in community. 

Join Fran Siebrits (Cacao Ceremonialist) and Sabrina Patricia (Sound Alchemist) for this sacred pause, and leave feeling deeply nourished within. 


Where, when, how much

Light House Holistic Wellbeing
50 Bree Street, Cape Town

13:00 – 18:00
(arrival at 12:45 to settle in)

ZAR 1500
Early bird before 27 April

ZAR 1850
Regular pricing 28 April – 16 May

What to expect

 Mental, emotional, physical & spiritual harmonising:

Opening rituals to create a safe & sacred space

Cacao Ceremony to connect to our hearts

Light vegan lunch

Yin yoga journey and gong bath

Integration & closing circle

Using ceremonial-grade Cacao (a powerful plant medicine that works with the heart’s energy) in sacred Ceremony allows us to open, and be receptive to receive from a space of love. 

Cacao invites us to explore our heart space and to connect with nature and the elements that reside within us, allowing us to be more open to receive transmission that will allow us to drop into our best self and align into our sacred and highest self.

The flood of feel-good molecules in Cacao opens up the heart, helping you connect with yourself, and the world around us in a more authentic way. For the purpose of this retreat, the Ceremony with Cacao will support rest, internal nourishment, and reconnection. 

The practices of yin yoga and receiving the sound medicine of the gong is a journey that encourages us to surrender and soften.

As we relax and surrender, the practice asks us to be more passive, resting into the subtle feminine energy within, offering a safe space for us to slow down and turn our focus inward. When we become physically still, we are then given the chance to truly listen within. However, this is also where the true challenge of this practice lies. Meeting ourselves, all aspects of ourselves, in stillness and being with it. That is exactly where the magic of this practice lies…

Meet your facilitators: Fran Siebrits

As the face of Cape CacaoFran works alongside Spirit of Cacao, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge for how we can use Cacao, ceremony and ritual to live in harmony with our true nature and the world around us. 

Fran is a dedicated Ceremonialist, Facilitator, and Transformation Guide, and will share her passion for positive transformation, embodied change, and deep reconnection with the natural world through her love and service to Cacao and deep reverence for Mother Earth.

Meet your facilitators: Sabrina Patricia

Sabrina is a coach, retreat facilitator, and sound alchemist, is dedicated to leading others on a journey of deep rest and relaxation. 

She gently guides her participants into a state of receptive openness to true nourishment, where the harmonies of yin practices and sounds merge to awaken your inner wisdom.

Sound healing is a powerful healing modality that works on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

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