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Join Cacao Ceremonialist and Alchemist Fran (founder of Cape Cacao) for an afternoon of making Cacao, exploring different recipes, learning all about this plant medicine, understanding the soil-to-cup process, and enjoying a cosy Cacao Ceremony

Fran’s love for Cacao and heart-centred living is what has inspired this informative and practical ceremonial workshop.

She will be offering practical ways to deepen our relationship with Cacao, the Spirit and the Earth, and our hearts.


Where, when, how much

Private Studio in Constantia, Cape Town
(exact venue provided upon booking)

13:00 – 17:00 | arrival 12:45 to settle in

ZAR 777 per person
Add-on ritual kit available

What to expect

Cacao origin story
Understanding the soil-to-cup process
Making Ceremonial-grade Cacao for ritual
Exploring different methods and recipes 
Cacao ritual to open our hearts
Integration and closing circle

Unlock the profound potential of Cacao, Ritual, and Sacred Space as allies for healing, insight, and a life imbued with harmony, alignment, and beauty. In the unique workshop, “Cacao Connection,” we will delve into the art of working with Cacao as a potent medicine, ritual as a transformative practice, and sacred space as a vessel for connection and growth.

Led by the founder of Cape Cacao, Fran Siebrits, you will be equipped with the tools to initiate or deepen your connection with Cacao Medicine and the sanctity of ritual spaces.

Discover practical, easy-to-implement techniques that infuse your life with the richness of this journey.

In this ceremonial workshop we’ll explore:

– Establishing and nurturing your connection with Cacao
– The tree to cup process, to understand the difference of raw fruit, beans, nibs, paste, mass, powder, butter
– Real ceremonial-grade Cacao and her associated cocoa vs cacao processes
– Practical methods for engaging with Cacao as a transformative ally
– The art of ceremonially preparing Cacao
– How to create your own sacred space for Cacao rituals
– Harnessing the manifestation potential of rituals
– Supportive practices to deepen your bond with Cacao, Spirit, Earth, and your heart
– A guided Cacao Drinking Ritual

As you depart, you’ll carry with you:

– Inspired recipes for crafting Ceremonial Cacao (bring your journal to make notes) 
– A palpable sense of connecting with Cacao in a ritual and intentional manner
– Cacao activation songs and prayers
– Optional add-on: home ritual pack of pure Ceremonial-grade Cacao, coconut cup, shaker, incense, and indigenous plant allies

Conducted in a ritual format, this workshop ensures an optimal learning experience for all participants.

Meet your facilitator:

As the face of Cape Cacao
Fran works alongside Spirit of Cacao, bringing forth a wealth of knowledge for how we can use Cacao, ceremony and ritual to live in harmony with our true nature and the world around us. 

Fran is a dedicated Ceremonialist, Facilitator, and Transformation Guide, and will share her passion for positive transformation, embodied change, and deep reconnection with the natural world through her love and service to Cacao and deep reverence for Mother Earth.

Fran’s eclectic background encompasses over 15 years of expertise in self-development, holistic healing, natural medicine, sacred practices, and more. Drawing from diverse traditions and personal life journeys, Fran blends ancient and modern wisdom to foster well-being and an enriched way of living. Her love language is Cacao, and during this ceremonialist workshop you will receive her wisdom while sharing Cacao, ritual and sacred practices together.

If you have any questions, please email us info@capecacao.com

Cape Cacao
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