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During this FREE 7-DAY IMMERSION we will explore
Ruling Planets + Star Signs + Elements + Ceremonial-Cacao

Cape Cacao Ceremonial Grade Cacao

What to expect

From Monday to Sunday we will focus on the day’s ruling planet and its associated star sign to guide us on this journey with cacao.

Additionally, we will work with the energy of a specific element (earth, fire, water, air, ether) to connect the above and below.

Each day we sit with Mama Cacao we will connect to our hearts and listen to the messages within.

There will be an awesome giveaway for those who join us for the last day, live, on Sunday!


Your heart commitment 

From Monday to Saturday, you’ll receive a daily email with a 30 minute video, in which Fran will guide you through a Cacao ritual and meditation highlighting the astrological and elemental energy of the day.

On Sunday we’ll meet live on Zoom for 75 minutes to receive the day’s energy transmission directly from Fran, while soaking up some community connection.

Each day’s email will include:

  • Cacao Ritual + intentions to open the day
  • Information on the day’s associated ruling planet and star sign
  • Element focus to align and ground the above and the below
  • Daily surprise fun cacao recipe

Last day giveaway

At the live gathering on Zoom on Day 7 (Sunday) we will give 2 spot-prizes to live attendees:

  • Free 1:1 cacao mentoring session with Fran
  • 20% discount on our upcoming signature online cacao training (starting 9 October)
Cacao Ceremonies
Cacao Ceremonies

What you will need

  • A candle and some incense (optional offerings of flowers, herbs, crystals, shells, anything else you already work with)
  • A quiet and peaceful space where you won’t be disturbed – make this beautiful and sacred for yourself
  • Prepared ceremonial-grade cacao: watch the video for the slow-brew method, an intentional and mindful method which is what we use for ritual and ceremony (tip: keep your cacao warm in a thermos flask until we are ready to drink together)
  • For Sunday you’ll need the Zoom app installed (and updated if you haven’t used it in a while)

A note on which cacao to use

We will be using ceremonial-grade cacao, and recommend you do the same.

Ceremonial-grade is the source of highest quality and vibration cacao, with energetic connections to the hands which grew and nurtured the cacao as well as to the ancient wisdom of cacao.

Working with ceremonial-grade cacao will ensure the “heart medicine” benefits on a metaphysical level – which is what we are working with during these 5 days as we connect to the celestial planetary bodies and sacred elements.

CLICK HERE to purchase your ceremonial-grade cacao with Cape Cacao.

Alternatively, please source another authentic ceremonial-cacao (at the very least, another form of organic cacao which is usually labelled as a “paste”. We do not work with a “powder” as this has undergone too much processing, does not contain the essential compound of cacao butter, and is a much lower energetic vibration as well as nutrient quality.

Cacao Ceremonies
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