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Join Bhakti Yoginis, Sound Healers and Cacao Ceremonialists
Fran (founder of Cape Cacao) + Chareldi (founder of Charledi Studio)

These sisters share many things in common such as mantra, Cacao and heart-centred living.

You are warmly invited to share a cosy afternoon with us in devotion to all of creation.

Be part of this love vibration as we open our hearts with Cacao and raise our vibration with sound!

Venue + time

Chareldi Studio, Chelsea Village, Upper Wynberg, Cape Town
17:30 – 19:30
(arrival at 17:15 to settle in)

More details provided upon booking confirmation

What to expect

CACAO heart opening ritual (ceremonial-grade Cacao from Cape Cacao)
KIRTAN mantra chanting, a form of Bhakti Yoga (devotion through love)
INTEGRATION and closing circle


We know that performing music and even listening to music has tremendous benefits on a person’s brain activity. There are also considerable physical, emotional and social benefits. Science has been telling us all of this for a very long time. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improving mental alertness – so much so that the Alzheimer’s Society has a singing service to help those with dementia.
  • Lowering stress – this happens as the amount of cortisol decreases in a person’s bloodstream, as a result of singing
  • Boosting your confidence – singing in front of others (even a small audience) helps overcome stage fright

But why is Kirtan so important?
Here’s a slightly spiritual perspective…

When we gather to create sound, we are coming together as community to celebrate, remember and pay homage to a particular way of being – namely living a life of Truth, believing in one Great Love (The Divine, Great Spirit, God or creator of universe), respect for others, and high moral standards.

1) Helps you learn the vibration of love:
Kirtan is the singing of love. We remember easily through singing because the tune and lyrics are still playing in your mind afterwards.

2) Kirtan is a mechanism for knowledge transfer:
The wise elders and gurus were intelligent beyond their times. They realised that the message of the Great Love would need to be delivered through kirtan across the world. This was likely because the written word was not easily accessible at the time, and because most people would not have been able to read it if it were available – because of low literacy. Kirtan is a platform to receive the knowledge that is there to guide every seeker, through text (scripture), remembrance of the Great Love or Divine, and truthful living.

3) Kirtan teaches you how to listen:
Active listening is something that requires energy and focus. It’s a skill that’s needed in every aspect of life; from family and work, to volunteerism and leadership. Kirtan teaches us how to listen actively. The messages of love and wisdom, delivered through kirtan, can only be understood if a person is attentive. This means actively listening to what is being sung, but also taking it one step further – practical application. Listening = love. When we listen to someone or something, it shows either love or a certain level of respect.

Let’s take another point of view. Think of the many conflicts that happen either at home or in the workplace. How many of these situations were a result of someone not listening or properly understanding a particular point? We all want to be listened to and understood. When we learn to listen to each other, we’ll learn to listen to the Great Creator.

Take the time to actively listen to the words and try to understand the greater meaning (or feel into their vibration to begin). From there, ask yourself, how can I apply this to my life? Even if you’re only able to do part of that, then you’ve realised the greatest gift that kirtan has for us – the connection to Great Love!

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