Guided Drinking Ritual with Cacao

Restoring Health | Re-balancing Energies | Opening Hearts


Not only is it important to prepare Cacao intentionally (such as the slow-brew method in this video), but also to source the best Cacao responsibly. 

We use Ceremonial-grade Cacao, and recommend you do the same, as this is the highest quality and vibration, with energetic connections to the hands which grew and nurtured the Cacao as well as to the ancient wisdom of Cacao. Ceremonial-grade Cacao is known as “heart medicine”, with benefits on a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and metaphysical level. 

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If you are new to working with Cacao, we’ll help you get started with a simple and short ritual. After preparing your Cacao, which is a ritual in itself, settle down in a quite, peaceful and sacred space that you have created for yourself (make this beautiful and sacred for yourself with candles, incense, flowers, herbs, crystals, shells, etc.).

In this next video Cape Cacao founder, Fran Siebrits, will activate the medicine in your Cacao with song.

You will then sit quietly and sip your Cacao, while holding your intention in your heart, and allowing yourself to connect to your experience with total love and allowance.


Cacao is a plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures as a form of Shamanic Healing.

The Spirit of Cacao is often respectfully referred to as Mama Cacao, a heart medicine for all.

We use 100% Ceremonial-grade Cacao from Bali

  • This special Ceremonial-grade Cacao is a whole organic superfood, vegan and allergen-free
  • Ethically sourced beans from certified organic family farms in Bali – the land and crops are prayed over daily
  • Traditional harvesting methods – beans are treated with love and respect
  • Balinese blessing ceremonies are held at different stages of the planting, growing, harvesting and packaging
  • Delicious & creamy flavour with a potent energy – reflective of the vibration & love of the people and land where it is grown
  • Careful and intentional handling from tree to cup


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These will assist you in deepening your connection with Cacao.

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