Ceremony Preparations

Participating in ritual & ceremony is sacred
Proper preparation & intention is key
You will get out as you put in

It is important that we prepare ourselves physically, mentally and energetically to arrive in ceremony with respect and honour to ourselves and the sacred medicine of the plant spirit Cacao. Click here for more information on What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Clear as much from your schedule as possible building up to the Ceremony or Ritual so your energies are less dispersed., as well as the day after to allow the energy to integrate. 

Below is our extensive PREPARATION GUIDE for

Ceremonial Grade Cacao
Cacao Ceremonies Fran Siebrits


  • 24-48 hours before Ritual/Ceremony
  • To fully receive what Ritual & Ceremony have to offer you, we suggest following the below preparations a couple of days leading up to Ritual/Ceremony
  • The below suggestions will assist your energy to settle, cleans and realign (setting a good foundation to enter into Ritual/Ceremony and work with the sacred medicine of Cacao)
  • You can already start considering your intention (what is your reason for attending ceremony)


  • Start thinking of an intention with which to bring to Ritual/Ceremony  
  • Avoid animal products (including dairy) and processed foods 
  • No alcohol, caffeine, and stimulants at least 8 hours before ceremony
  • Avoid eating 2-3 hours before Ritual/Ceremony (for those who wish to fast 8-16 hours prior to ceremony, please notify us ahead of time)
  • Avoid busy-ness – replace this with slow and mindful time, creating pause to listen inwards
  • Avoid other people’s energy as much as possible
  • Avoid technology as much as possible, as well as information
  • Avoid “wasting” and dispersing your energy (this includes no sex with self/other)
  • Maintain a quiet, slow and mindful way 

Cleanse before Ritual/Ceremony (we offer a light energetic “smudge” of smoke or sound before opening, but please take care to physically and mentally cleanse yourself before arrival).

cacao kirtan mantra yoga chanting ceremony ritual 4


  • Mat / blanket (or all and more) to sit and lie down on 
  • Water to drink as needed
  • Journal and pen (used for processing)
  • For our central shared Sacred Medicine Space
    • Offerings of candles / incense / flowers / tobacco / or other, this is to co-create and contribute to the Sacred Medicine Space (one of the first teachings in these spaces is Sacred Reciprocity – to learn the art of first giving, to make space within ourselves, so that we can authentically receive)
    • Sacred object/s to be blessed during Ritual/Ceremony (to take home afterwards)
    • If you work with Ancestral or Shamanic energies (or would like to start), then you are welcome to make a cash offering to the land and relations (please place this in an envelope with tobacco and other offerings as you see fit)


Wear white if possible, or light colours (if you are working with another tradition/practice then dress accordingly) – please dress for comfort first and foremost


Please start considering what intention you bring with into the Ritual/Ceremony. This is something personal (you don’t need to share unless you would like to). It will assist to bring meaning to the Ritual/Ceremony and to anchor the medicine of Cacao. Your intention is your magic ingredient which makes you fully able to be present to the outcomes from Ritual and Ceremony. 

A question to assist you in uncovering your intention: Why do I want to join this Ritual/Ceremony? 


Preparation and intention is key… You will get out as you put in!
Please try to adhere to the above as much as is manageable given your circumstances. 

Do you want to learn how to hold a ceremony or ritual with Cacao, either for your own personal use or to facilitate in a group setting? 

We offer guidance in the form of 1:1 online mentoring and Cacao Training.
Email us to inquire about learning with us: 

Upcoming Cacao Ceremonies

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Cacao Workshop and Ceremony

Join Cacao Ceremonialist and Alchemist Fran (founder of Cape Cacao) for an afternoon of making Cacao, exploring different recipes, learning all about this plant medicine, understanding the soil-to-cup process, and enjoying a cosy Cacao Ceremony.

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27 July 2024
Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa,

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

You are warmly invited to share in the raw chocolate medicine of Ceremonial-grade Cacao in this Sacred Ceremony, with Cacao Alchemist Fran Siebrits (founder of Cape Cacao) as she facilitates Cacao Ritual Drinking, Breathwork, Meditation and Sound for Healing, Connection and Gratitude.

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11 August 2024
Ananda Sanctuary, Woodstock, Cape Town,

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