Cacao & Astrology Immersion

7-days with the Ruling Planets, Star Signs & Ceremonial Cacao
Including the Sacred Elements of Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Ether 

Each day we sit with sacred Cacao to connect to our hearts, to listen, and to connect the energies around us and within.

We focus on the day’s ruling planet and associated zodiac sign to guide us on this journey with Cacao, and the energy of a specific element (earth, fire, water, air, ether) to connect the celestial bodies into our earthly embodiment. You can expect:

  • Cacao ritual + intentions to open the day
  • Daily transmission + information on the ruling energies
  • Element focus to align the above and the below
  • Daily fun Cacao recipe

What you will need:

  • Laptop / mobile to watch the day’s 30 minute video
  • Candle and incense (optional offerings of flowers, herbs, crystals, shells, anything else you already work with)
  • Quiet and peaceful space where you won’t be disturbed – make this beautiful and sacred for yourself
  • Prepared Ceremonial-grade Cacao: watch this first video for the slow-brew method, an intentional and mindful method used for ritual and ceremony
  • Below are detailed suggestions for your preparation

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We will be using Ceremonial-grade Cacao, and recommend you do the same, as this is the source of highest quality and vibration, with energetic connections to the hands which grew and nurtured the Cacao as well as to the ancient wisdom of Cacao. Working with Ceremonial-grade Cacao will ensure the “heart medicine” benefits on a metaphysical level – which is what we are working with during this immersion connecting to the celestial planetary bodies and sacred elements.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Ceremonial-grade Cacao.

Prepare your Cacao & Ritual Space

Take some time to prepare for each day’s session from the below suggestions

Cacao Ceremonies

Prepare your space

  1. Practically prepare a sacred space to work AND a sacred space to drink your Cacao while you watch the day’s video
  2. Cleans yourself and the spaces before and after
  3. Make offerings to the Cacao Spirit, and to other energies you work with
  4. Mindfully prepare your Cacao Ritual Drink in the kitchen
  5. Invoke the Cacao Spirit with your voice, your offerings and your heart
  6. Give thanks before moving to your ritual space to watch the day’s video
  7. You can perform new cleansing, offering and invocation rituals in your sacred sitting area once you are settled and ready to watch the video
  8. Have your candle/s, incense and offerings ready along with your Cacao to start the day’s video in a quiet and peaceful place
  9. Afterwards, journal or meditate on the energies, information and how you are feeling
  10. Give thanks to yourself and the energies that were present into the ritual practices and wisdom of each day
Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao ingredients

  • Ceremonial-grade Cacao
    • 20-35g (daily ritual dose)
    • 30-50g (full ceremonial serving)
  • Warm water (NOT boiling) for the Cacao
  • Natural sweetener of choice e.g. coconut sugar/nectar, honey
  • Cinnamon + Himalayan salt
  • Optional additions: Vanilla powder, Cayenne pepper, Maca powder, Mesquite powder


  • Small pot with water in + cup to put into the pot (or work straight in the pot for experienced practitioners)
  • Chopping board + sharp knife
  • Teaspoons for measuring & stirring
  • Kitchen scale for measuring (otherwise a guess-timation will do)


  1. Heat the water in the pot
  2. Put the cup into the pot so that it sits in the hot water (you will be able to control the heat within the cup this way)
  3. Finely chop your Cacao, put it into the cup and little by little add your warm water, stirring continuously
  4. Keep the water-Cacao liquid inside the cup at a temperature that won’t burn your finger (i.e. not boiling or too hot)
  5. Add pinch salt, cinnamon and sweetener (about 1tsp per cup, depending on taste preference)
  6. Keep stirring the whole time until the Cacao has melted completely
  7. Add more warm water if it is too thick, keep stirring
  8. Set your intention while stirring and singing

1:1 Mentoring

Private online sessions with Fran are tailored to your needs.

These will assist you in deepening your connection with Cacao.

Step 1: Purchase a session or package of sessions

Step 2: Schedule your appointment via our booking platform

Step 3: Wait to receive your confirmation & link to your online session

The Moon rules
Cancer ♋ 
Element: Water💫Colours: silver, white, grey 

Mondays are ruled by the Moon; her gentle reflective energy is carried through the day. The Moon rules Cancer, which is the sign we associate with mothering, nurturing and emotion. Cancer and the Moon are the guardians of the water element. The Moon is the one planet that ebbs and flows more than any other… that flow is supported by the waters and tides of our emotions, and our hearts. The sensitive, feminine Moon therefore calls us to be with our inner lives, the tenderness of our hearts and what we are feeling. Sitting with a cup of Cacao today will be very supportive to work with these energies. Many ancient traditions associate the water bearers serving Cacao… these were feminine figures which held the wisdom of creation in the waters mixed in with the wisdom of cacao. The energy of today asks us to tune in deeply to the emotional body. Not only are we able to listen to your heart, but also to your soul… so ask it for what needs to be released through the flow of emotions, and with the compassion of your heart. The Moon rules the night, calling for comfort, quiet and rest. This provides the fertile soil our creative lives need for ideas and imagination to grow. It also recharges us so we’re ready for the busy energy that Mars-ruled Tuesdays can bring. The Moon moves in phases so some Mondays may be more active than others, depending what sign the Moon is in. Where work is required, try focus on creative tasks. The Moon is also instinctive and intuitive, as our sensitivities are heightened under her silvery beams. You could try tuning into your intuition today by allocating time for meditation, contemplation or actively sensing your mood within. Speak to your intuition, or play games to wake it up. The colour of the Moon and of Monday is silver, white or grey. Play around with accessorising with a scarf or jewellery (or creating a whole outfit) and see how you feel when you wear them.

Mars rules Aries ♈ 
Element: Fire💫Colours: red, red, red, and bold bright pink

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the fiery part of the cosmos. Mars is warrior of the planets, the pioneer, the explorer. His exuberant and enthusiastic energy can put a rocket under a stagnant task or initiate something new and exciting. Mars rules Aries, a fiery zodiac sign embodying the qualities of our primal instincts, desire, aggression, passion and anger. In Roman mythology, Mars is considered the god of war. This speaks to unwavering motivation, courage and action. Working alongside the support of Cacao, his Masculine energy can be channeled in a healthy way, as Cacao brings a balance to all the elements, fire of Tuesday and the water of Monday, the Masculine and Feminine energies, yang and yin harmony. The element of fire is strong today, driving us into action, and burning away what no longer serves. When the seeds of cacao are fermented, they naturally increase in heat, incorporating this fire element from within. Afterwards, the sun drying process allows them to receive the fire element from the sun above. And finally, when we heat the water to make our Cacao drink, we activate these internal and external fire sources as well as the other qualities within the cacao and our hearts. While it is important not to boil the water or have it too hot, the right amount of heat brings out all the goodness in cacao… again, this speaks to balance, not too hot, not too cold. You may find that if you have used your Monday’s well, giving space for a proper rest and creativity, you will be ready to fly out of the gate on Tuesday and put all your ideas into place. And if you’ve been procrastinating, Tuesdays can give you the extra energy you need to get going.  For those who have incorporated Cacao into their lifestyles, they will know that she is not only about gentle soft introspection, as we dived into on Monday. Because she assists to being about balance, she will assist the fire element and drive in us to take action and remain motivated. The attitude for Tuesday is “just do it”. It is definitely a day to get active, hot and sweaty. Exercise, whatever form gets your heart pumping and your blood moving, will burn up this extra fierce energy so that it does not play out unconsciously into frustration, irritability or outbursts of anger.  The confidence, boldness and daring of this energy make Tuesday’s a great day to get stuck into your working week, push to close a deal or cycle, or start moving on something you feel stuck around.  It’s also a day to assert yourself and push forwards for what you want. Perhaps you have a battle you’ve been avoiding, internal or external? Then bring Tuesdays on your side to have the energy to meet your opponent and find a solution that works for all. Like a knight of ancient times, Mars loves a quest or mission, so find one and send him off towards success! If you have a large task to achieve, slice it up into smaller parts and then send Mars into action. Mars is all about the colour red, or bright bold pink. Wear it from top to toe to make a super statement of boldness.  

Mercury rules
Virgo ♍ 
Element: Air💫Colours: multi-colour, with a splash of orange

The energies of Wednesday ask us to focus on communication, as well as practicality, and Mercury empowers you with these skills. Thinking, talking, meeting, sharing, learning, writing – anything that gets those mental processes spinning is perfect for today. We can invoke the air element to assist us today. I invite you to set an intention into your cup of cacao, to have clarity of mind, thought and communication. Ask the spirit of Cacao to assist in opening the throat chakra, so that your ideas, thoughts and feelings are expressed with authenticity and received as they are intended throughout the day. The best way to activate the communication channels, physically and energetically, is to use our voice. Singing and humming throughout the day will allow you to also stay calm and connected. While today has a lot to do with the element of air, it is important to ground today’s energy with practical action to remain in balance with mind and body. As Mercury is a logical planet, this balance is carried through by it overseeing the analytical Virgo. When it comes to understanding ideas and plans, as well as executing them, this is the zodiac sign that has that covered most proficiently. Mercury also gives Virgo a high aptitude for seeing both the intricate details as well as overall vision for clear understanding. Just like the eagle soaring in the air, it can see the bigger picture from high above, but also the detail of its prey far below. It is carried by the wind, using the air element to direct its flight. So call in the eagle spirit today to assist channeling your thoughts, ideas and feelings in a direction that is serving you and others. Mercury is our mind, our thoughts, our expression and along with the Moon it contributes to the quality of our mind – Mercury expresses what the Moon knows, the messenger rather than the message. Working with Cacao assists us with mental clarity and authentic expression. We can call in confidence and love to speak our truth, and to assist us in delovering our truth with kindness from a place of healthy boundaries. On a more practical note, Mercury is linked to god Hermes, who carried messages between the gods. So crafting and sending messages to others is a perfect use of the day. If you need to schedule days full of back-to-back meetings, then Wednesdays are your friend. As Mercury rules the nerves, it’s a day to ensure you keep breathing (Mercury also rules the lungs) to stay calm and ensure you’re not going too fast. Again, acknowledging the air element in the breath and touching base with your breathing throughout the day is important to remain embodied, grounded and calm. “Go slow to go fast” is a good mantra for today, which simply ensures you won’t trip over your own feet in excitement… Doing exercises that encourages you to breathe while moving, such as yoga, pilates, tai chi or just walking, are all great activities for today. Finally, the best use for Mercury is socialising. It’s a day to cacao dates, lunch with friends, going out after work or simply that phone call to a favourite person in your life who you want to connect with more often.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius ♐ 
Element: Ether💫Colours: royal blue and/or yellow

Today we connect to the element of Ether, to align our thoughts, words and actions with our spirit and higher purpose. Embodying the spirit of cacao will assist us in doing this from the place of the heart. The “luckiest sign of the zodiac” is Sagittarius, and Jupiter is the planet of personal expansion… this equates to the exuberance which we can tap into on Thursday. Essentially, Jupiter and the famous Greek god Thor are the same (hence Thor’sday), both being the gods of Thunder, Lightning and Storms. Today is all about tapping into vitality, power and strength. Allow your inner visionary to think big today, as Jupiter creates bigger perspectives and possibilities. Because it also adds a dash of luck and confidence, if you’re feeling blocked and wish to move past a hurdle, approach it on a Thursday for Jupiter’s generous help! When calling upon the spirit of Cacao, we can ask that our hearts connect the above and below, the mind and body, our greater purpose and our daily living. Because the heart is the central energy point of the above and below energies, listening from this place within you will assist in realigning with or continuing in purpose. On a practical note, because Thursdays are an expansive day, try tacking tasks where growth is needed. And just like Mama Cacao, Jupiter can bring out your inner inspiring teacher and higher wisdom. Focus on subjects that expand the mind, or have spiritual themes as today’s energy encourages us to keep our minds open to new thought systems or philosophies. Trust in the abundance and support around you, taking a leap of faith if you feel inspired to do so. Use Thursdays to feel the wind beneath your wings. But take heed; be sure you really want what you ask for, as he can give it in spades. The colours of Jupiter are royal blue and yellow, so try wearing either or both to draw this abundant and life giving energy into your world. Remember you have everything you need right now in your life to expand, and like with so many things in their life it is our attitude towards ourself that makes the journey pleasant or unpleasant. I invite you today to really call upon the spirit of your own heart, assisted by Cacao, to go forwards in a heart-led manner, navigating today with love.

Venus rules Libra ♎ 
Element: Earth💫Colour: goddess greens

Today we are aligned with the frequency of the heart… love, harmony, balance, peace. Essentially it’s cacao day! Venus rules today, and she is the planet of love, harmony, and relationships… and the guardian planet of Libra, which is what gives this zodiac sign a natural draw to beauty and balance, as well as keeping the peace. Venus is a feminine planet who brings cooling and gentle energy to our lives. She has the most moisture of all the planets, working strongly with the water element and life.  This is reflected in the sacred element of Earth. As above, so below. Working with cacao today bringing balance to above and below energies, think about how to align the without and within too. One thing that comes to mind is connection to others, or community. Try using Friday as a day to bring people together, renew old ties or form new ones. Or perhaps to build bridges over troubled waters when a cool mind and soft heart helps you or others see both sides of the equation. And of course, Venus unifies through love… if all kinds, just like Cacao. So perhaps it’s time for a romantic date with someone or yourself, or reconnecting with Divine love today. And let’s not forget the pleasure side of Venus, who rules beauty and desire. I love the direct connected here of the teachings of Cacao… that we are embodied in this earthly body, and have senses for experience a range of things in this life, and pleasure is part of that. This magnetic quality is a all about indulgence, so make Fridays about beauty routines, sharing a delicious meal with close friends, or creating beauty in the world. This can also be reflected in ritual because to make beauty is to make sacred. Allow your creative joys to also extend beyond simple desire and try using this energy for deeper connection by practicing acts of care, kindness and forgiveness (towards yourself and others). Venus also knows her own worth, and won’t stand for lack of respect. She is shrouded in cloud, giving her a serene surface appearance, but underneath she is all sulfuric acid & heat and this volatile side can be seen in the myths of Aphrodite and Diana too. She isn’t one to be crossed, or disrespected, and won’t do anything unless her value is appreciated. Along with the healthy boundaries that the heart wisdom of cacao aligns us to, you can tap into these powerful goddess energies today, prioritising yourself more and saying no to people or situations that don’t treat you as you deserve. Above all, remember you are connected to Mother Earth through your earth element, and we will return to her after our last breath. So give thanks today for the ability to be embodied on this planet as a human now, and live her energy today of unconditional love, support, nurturing and nourishment.

Saturn rules Capricorn ♑ 
Element: All💫Colours: black or navy blue

Known as the planet of life lessons, responsibility and karma, Saturn is the “timekeeper” of the zodiac. Ruling over Capricorn, Saturn aids this zodiac sign in being one of the most ambitious and persevering of all. His discipline and focus is well suited to achieving challenging tasks or digging in to push past obstacles in our way. Saturn is all about boundaries and the discipline we draw on to enforce them. Perhaps you need to stop an unhealthy habit, or draw a toxic relationship to a close, Saturday energy will assist you. Saturn rules our skeleton, and he offers the inner resolve to stand against something, to say no. Saturdays are perfect for cleaning, shopping, mowing and maintenance duties around the house, leaving the rest of the weekend free to relax and enjoy life. It is also perfect for weddings, underlining the longevity and commitment required in marriage. Saturn is the hard taskmaster, calling up our endurance and resilience to face fears and overcome challenges. Saturn reaps what is sown, so tenacity and focus offer achievement and respect when working with Saturn and Saturdays. Saturn speaks from authority. There is an energy of seriousness, composure and dignity, so use Saturdays if you need to exude this energy. He also has cautious, austere energy that is slow and determined, so Saturdays make for careful long-term planning, budgeting or forecasting. The fun part is that Mercury rules Saturday nights, so once all the work is done the light-hearted fun can start.

The Sun rules Leo ♌ 
Element: Fire + All💫Colours: yellow, gold

As far back as the Mesopotamians and in cultures all over the world, humans have honoured the Sun and its life-giving energy. No matter what our belief system, using Sundays to honour the Sun connects us to this vitality and generous life-giving abundance. The Sun is a great fiery force of creativity, vitality, and power in our solar system. This is what gives Leo its natural regality and sense of authority. The Sun shines on us all without judgement, offering light to flowers, trees and weeds. His light and warmth are what makes this planet habitable for all life. Try setting aside time on a Sunday to feel the sun – whether it’s watching the sunrise, or getting outside in his sunlight or feeling his rays through a window. Sundays are the day to consciously connect into abundance and generosity by honouring what he provides us all with. The heat of the Sun can also burn, so it’s a day to purify and cleanse by burning away what doesn’t fit in your life. Watching the Sun moving through the sky, he doesn’t know how to not shine. Confidence is his middle name. So Sundays offer a chance to tap into that, working on self-esteem and self-worth. The Sun has an active energy, so it’s a day for doing things that celebrate life. The Sun is the centre of our solar system, and we can mimic this by using Sundays to put ourselves into the centre of what we love and what lights us up. As the Sun creates life, it’s a day to embrace your creative impulses. Set some time aside on Sundays for activities that brings lightness to your heart and play into your world. It’s a day to get lost in the creative process, without planned outcomes or judgement on the produce. When we lose ourselves in this place, a new awareness wakes up and can take the spotlight.

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